Many of our clients have been with us for at least two business generations - and we think that says a lot about the way we do business. We understand that in this complex business environment, you need a significant level of commitment, service and expertise from your tax accountant. Through tax planning, financial forecasting and constant monitoring of changes in the tax laws and regulations, our team will work with you on every phase of this process because our most important function is to minimize our clients' taxes.

We utilize our extensive resources and experience to provide personalized services with a reasonable fee structure. Our Tax Services team devotes all of their time to tax-related services. This ensures they maintain their broad and deep understanding of tax law and all its implications.

Compliance and Preparation

Our comprehensive services relating to compliance and preparation go beyond that of simply preparing returns in accordance with tax laws and regulations. Schowalter & Jabouri, P.C. combines the resources of a larger firm with the personalized, hands-on service of a small firm. Our experience enables us to provide efficient, cost-effective services. Because of our team's dedication to this area, we are able to identify key areas relating to tax planning as well.

Tax Advisory

Our professionals are available to consult on various areas of concern related to taxation, such as entity selection, mergers and acquisitions, change in accounting methods, tax research projects, tax elections, reorganizations, purchase, sale or transfer of business interests and many more topics.

Mediation and Taxing Authorities

No one looks forward to the prospect of being audited by a taxing authority. However, investigations and audits are a possibility for every taxpayer, even those taxpayers who consistently maintain the best practices. The Tax Services team has extensive experience in representing clients in conjunction with federal, state and local audits in the areas of income, franchise, sales, use and payroll tax audits.

Comprehensive Tax Planning

Strategic tax planning is a crucial part of your personal or business return. In order to leverage tax law to maximize profits, we recommend a year-round approach to tax planning. We are constantly searching for strategies to minimize taxes for all of our clients. Our team can help you build short and long-term strategic plans. We also help you by performing cost segregation studies, tax credit research and transactional consulting. Additionally, our tax alerts keep you abreast of changes before they affect you or your organization.

Trust, Estate, & Gift Services

Once you have achieved your goals for financial success, your attention turns to managing and protecting your family wealth and meeting your wealth-transfer goals. You can work with our team to develop a plan for transferring your assets that will minimize gift and estate taxes and maximize asset preservation for your heirs. We can coordinate with your attorney and your executor on the accounting and business aspects of administering your estate. We are committed to assisting you with the complex responsibilities often associated with the administration of trusts and estates. We recognize the sensitive nature of trust and estate matters and we are respectful of the need for privacy and confidentiality. Our promise is to provide recommendations and technical assistance to each client, tailored to their unique situation, with our emphasis on personal service and attention. We have been through this phase with many of our clients as they have passed family-owned businesses to the second and third generation, and we look forward to assisting in the process for the fourth generation and beyond.

Cost Segregation Studies

Cost segregation studies can afford your organization a tax deferral strategy which lowers current income taxes and improves current cash flow. This is attained via a comprehensive study of costs associated with past, present and future acquisitions, construction or building renovations. Many property owners do not take advantage of these provisions and pay federal and state income taxes sooner than necessary. The Tax Services team has the expertise and knowledge to help you with these specialized studies.

Other Services

Our Tax Services team can work with you to customize an engagement to meet your specific needs. Other services that the tax professionals at Schowalter & Jabouri, P.C. offer include:

  • Analysis of entities with export sales to determine if an IC-DISC (Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation) may be beneficial.
  • State and local income, property, sales and use tax compliance. We offer Nexus studies to determine various state and local filing requirements. We can also prepare a comprehensive manual for your staff to utilize in determining taxability of transactions for multi-state and local sales and use taxes.
  • Analysis to determine eligibility for federal and state tax credits.
  • Retirement planning.

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